At Empire Express, we are committed to Delivering Safely… On Time!!! As part of that commitment, we provide first-class, seamless on-boarding and orientation process.

Want to get on the road quicker? Tired of stacks of pre-hire paperwork?? Empire utilizes Conversion eLearning Academy (Conversion On-boarding, ConversionU) to reduce down time and get you in the truck faster.

  • Conversion On-boarding enables you to click and your way through pre-hire paperwork, saving you valuable time!
  • ConversionU consists of High Definition video training that avoids dull presentations and those old VHS tapes!! Both platforms can be accessed anywhere there is wi-fi.
  • You can complete the majority of our orientation anywhere, any time!!!

Our orientation is less than 2 days and you will be compensated for completion. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner during our orientation. In fact, during lunch, you will sit down with the President and other company leaders. We are proud of our Empire family and look forward to meeting you!